Emma Brotherton


I felt like I was stuck in a fat suit. I was out of breath just walking up the stairs and people struggled to pass me in supermarket aisles. My weight was difficult to control and I was concerned about my health. I just wanted to be myself again and be the best mom I could be.

Having been slim for most of my adult life, I started gaining weight after my father passed away because food helped me cope with the grief. Then I got pregnant and put on even more weight. When my baby was born, he had a hard time falling asleep. Against the stress, I ate everything I could get my hands on. As a result, I ended up weighing 130kg.

I started my weight loss journey feeling like I had a mountain to climb, but I told myself that every pound a pound was in the right direction, and that I would never gain that much again. With every pound I lost, I gained more confidence. So I enjoyed the journey without focusing too much on my target weight.

I love the strict control of the diet and how it eliminates temptations. The product tastes great and the way it curbs my hunger has been essential to my success. I was worried that the weight would come back soon but my eating habits have changed forever. I will be forever grateful to Shake That Weight for helping me regain my confidence and at an affordable price.

It took me 9 months to lose 50 pounds and these flew by. Then I kept that weight for a year and then I lost the last 7 kilos in a month. I have since recommended Shake That Weight to my partner and he has lost 30kg so far. Thanks to Shake That Weight.

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