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Over 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide lose weight with Shake That Weight's affordable low-carbohydrate meal replacement diet

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"I feel more confident and can definitely recommend this for anyone who has gained a few pounds. It's easy to follow, and the products are very quick to prepare. There are lots of tasty flavours available too. I always have a bar in my handbag, even now*."
Paula Caine


Success stories

We have over 100,000 customers worldwide. Our customers have lost between 5-80 kg* with Shake That Weight. Here are some customer success stories

Kirsty Eastman

Lost 22KG*

Michael Trippick

Lost 25KG*

*Weight loss is different for everyone and your results may vary.

What makes Shake That Weight so good?

We deliver only the best. That's why we have numerous nutritionists working on our products, using only the best ingredients and methods. So not only do they support your diet, they also taste better than most diet products available.

No counting calories. No subscriptions. No group weight control. No expensive consultant visits

Only the highest quality protein

We only use protein with a high biological value; calcium casein and Whey protein isolate with all essential amino acids.

Great Taste and Less Hunger

Our protein is known for its great taste and slow digestion. The flavours are specially formulated by our manufacturer. They also use ingredients from 5 leading companies. 

40 Years Experience As A Manufacturer

All of our products come from nutritionists with over 40 years of experience in the current market.

They taste great!!!
Claire Essex

They are easy to make and the diet plans are so simple to follow.
Jess Duram

Delicious meals

Our tasty meals are high in protein and contain essential vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories and made to reduce hunger.

Shake That Weight is a low calorie diet. Our tasty meal replacement helps you maintain less than 1000 calories daily. The diet contains the essential vitamins and minerals as well as carbohydrates and plenty of protein. It is medically proven to offer faster weight loss than traditional diet methods.

Try our diet for 7 days

The Shake That Weight plan is a very low calorie diet that is medically proven to cause weight loss faster than traditional diets.
You can try our most popular diet plan, which consists of 3 meals a day. You can also have healthy snacks of up to 200 calories