Maintenance plan (The step after the diet plan)

Follow this diet plan when you have reached your weight loss goals and need to transition to eating regular meals. The transition from our diet to a maintenance plan with regular meals should be spread over a number of weeks, even months, to give the body an adjustment period. Trying to do this too quickly is the biggest mistake people make!

PHASE 1 (3-4 weeks)

- 2x Shake That Weight meals per day (1 as a meal and 1 as a snack between meals).

- 2x regular meals (e.g. lunch and dinner) consisting of complete carbohydrates, lean protein and vegetables.

- Eat a snack mid-morning (e.g. fruit, nuts, yogurt) and a shake mid-afternoon.

PHASE 2 (3-4 weeks)

- 3x regular meals per day consisting of complete carbs, lean protein and vegetables.

- 1x Shake That Weight shake between meals, for example in the middle of the afternoon when you are most hungry.

- Any healthy snack like fruit or nuts mid-morning.

During both phases, it may be worth keeping a food diary to monitor dietary changes that may lead to sudden weight gain. You can also use the website:

After two months you should have a good routine of eating regularly, eating the right foods and keeping your weight stable!