Vicky - Lost 9.5kg!

I was due to get married in September 2015 and I weighed 11 stone 4 pounds – the heaviest I have ever been


I literally don’t have time for the gym but I walk to and from work everyday so I thought dieting alone would work, let’s do this! I am going to be slim and not only look great in a wedding dress but a bikini in Cyprus.

I brought slimming tablets (cannot remember the name but the reviews were fab) 6 weeks passed, got on the scales … no weight loss what so ever! I was furious. Next plan… An exercise DVD, a 4 week plan and healthy eating… 8 weeks passed and about 2 pounds lost. I was devastated and heartbroken.

So then the bank holidays kept rolling in and I kept saying “oh after this long weekend I will diet” well that weekend just never happened.

It got to July …10 weeks before the wedding! OMG 10 weeks, nearly on single figures and I am in almost triple size clothes and breaking the scales. My last resort was diet shakes, I googled and Shake That Weight came up and for the price and the reviews I thought well why not I’ve tried everything else. (Sorry I didn’t have much faith at first)

I brought just the shakes In every flavour and decided to have shakes in the day, snack on fruit and have one meal a day whether it be breakfast or dinner (which ever I felt like on the day). I kept a diary and everyday I was literally seeing the pounds dropping. I couldn’t believe it, Wow! I couldn’t wait to wake up each morning and weigh myself. I was amazed and over the moon. I just wish I had found these sooner. Everybody was complementing me.

I weighed myself the day before we flew out to Cyprus which was 1 week before the wedding and I ended up loosing 1 1/2 stone. Everybody was saying how amazing I looked, my wedding dress fitted perfectly and I felt amazing in a bikini in front of all our friends and family.

I just want to say thank you for your products they were a miracle! I still use them now to keep my weight down. I am not on a diet regime but I have them a few times a week as meal replacements because they taste amazing.


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